App Review: Blogilo

The other day, I felt that I was wasting too much time on public transport, and decided to use the time productively. Decided to give offline blogging a shot. 
Blogging offline has its advantages, you know. You get to save your posts offline, and that is a boon for people with rotten net connections or those (like me) who haven't got one of those net-connect-usb-thingies that on-the-move kinda guys keep using.
You will find  many good blog tools online for yourLinux Distro, but the one that caught my eye, was Blogilo. It was formerly called "Bilbo", but I guess they felt the name was too "Hobbitty" (or they got trademark issues :P)
Anyway, its features, from their own website :-
  • A full featured WYSIWYG editor + An HTML editor
  • Previewing your post with your blog style! like when you are visiting it at your blog.
  • Support for Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType (WordPress supports All of these!) and Google GData (used on blogs) APIs!
  • Support for Creating/Modifying/Deleting posts.
  • Support for creating drafts and scheduled posts!
  • Support for uploading media files to your blog (Just on supported APIs e.g. MetaWeblog and MovableType)
  • Support for Fetching your recent blog entries.
  • Support for adding Images to post from your system. It will upload them on Submitting post to blog (Just on supported APIs e.g. MetaWeblog and MovableType)
  • Support for saving local entries before publishing.
  • Saving your writing copy to prevent data loss, at configurable intervals.
  • Internal auto spell checker. (KDE spell checker used so most of languages are supported)

How true is the app to its feature set? Lets see!
Some Screenshots
Blogilo Icon
Configuring Blogilo
The Interface
Saving or publishing
html editor
Preview Pane
My Observations:
  1. Adding a blog to the account is easy for regular blogs. The auto configure option is a godsend, and works out-of-the-box. However, if your blog is hosted privately you might have to get your blog's ID, and set up the account manually.
  2. The interface is pleasing to the eye, and though it is an app for the K Desktop Environment, it runs fine in Gnome 3. 
  3. As soon as you link your blog with blogilo, you find the list of previous blogs on the right pane. you can open those posts on a browser from within blogilo itself.
  4. If you want to save your post as a Draft, but on the blog server, instead of locally, you can do that by clicking on "submit" and ticking on "save entry in Drafts" checkbox. I'd do that if I were you, untill the local-save option is smoothened out.
  5. The local saving option works, but is a bit erratic sometimes, as it creates multiple entries sometimes instead of overwriting the old saves. I also found that it does not save the modifications sometimes. I hope this will be corrected soon. It could just be a issue with gnome 3 though.
  6. The link and image adding options are great, and work well. Its a breeze to resize the images as needed and you can even provide link backs for courtesy!
  7. The text editor really is WYSIWYG, and I couldnt be more happy with the options on hand. The shortcuts work, except for the "tab" button, which puts focus on to the next fields. For languages that go right-to-left, you have an option to set the text that way!
  8. Multiple Blogs can be added, and posting options are also pretty good.
  9. The HTML editor and Preview pane work excellently, as you can see!
  10. The tool does run aground sometimes. Posts with multimedia content may cause issues but rarely so. 
 All in all, the tool is good, but needs to improve a lot! So give it a shot, and let us in on your take. Realise, however, that there are some other blogging tools available that may prove too be better in the long run.

Application: Blogilo
App rating: 6.0/10
Why: 9 because of its features and great looks, and 1 because of its awesome features. -3 because of its bugs.
Alternative: FireScribe, a popular tool that is available as a Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari Extension does this way better than blogilo can

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